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For specific questions, call  (612) 249-3656 to speak to a chemical health specialist.

How long is a rule 25 good for?

Rule 25 assessments expire after 45 days per current Minnesota guidelines.

What is a substance abuse evaluation?

Substance abuse evaluations screen for overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. The evaluation is specifically meant to determine if a person is experiencing the substance use disorder symptoms described above. If a person is experiencing several symptoms, the evaluator will help that person receive placement into treatment, if the patient is willing and/or interested.

What is a chemical dependency assessment?

A chemical dependency assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your chemical use by a trained clinician. The assessment ends with a recommendation letter from the clinician to you. Recommendations vary wildly between person to person depending on each person’s unique situation.

What is a rule 25?

A Rule 25 is a 16-page standardized evaluation form used by medical professionals during assessments. A completed Rule 25 form is needed for a person to enter residential and non-residential treatment programs in the state of Minnesota. Rule 25 also refers to a set of Minnesota state rules assessors must follow.

Walk in rule 25 assessment

Walk in rule 25 assessments are available, call  (612) 249-3656 for directions.

What is a chemical use assessment?

A chemical use assessment is typically identical to a “chemical dependency assessment.” However, the term “chemical dependency” is being used less and less in the medical community and the phrase is being replaced by the term “substance use disorder.”

What is involved in a chemical dependency evaluation?

chemical dependency evaluations require a face-to-face interview between you and a qualified medical professional. During the interview, the professional will ask about the symptoms listed above. They will also learn about your mental health, physical health, current living environment, and the life you live. The professional will want to know the extent of problems your alcohol and/or drug use.

How do I setup an appointment?

For appointments, you can come to our local office. Appointments are also available throughout the surrounding metro:

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